disinfects water efficiently, effectively & economically

Water is contaminated and health is in danger!

Without a doubt, drinking water can be considered perishable food – especially when it has spent time inside old water pipes where biofilm already has formed. This serves as breeding ground for various germs, such as the notorious legionella. If this water is set into motion again, like when the water tap has been turned on, these microorganisms are transported to the consumer and may cause contamination there. In this case it is clear that the water has lost its food quality. In situations like these the legislator demands a disinfection of the complete pipeline system of the affected complex. This may be conducted through large-scale application of various hazardous substances or heat – or you pick the hassle-free, sustainable and cost-efficient way with aquaBENOVA-CLEAN! aquaBENOVA-CLEAN is a biocide that disintegrates, residue-free, into its various components after application. There is no other substance currently on the market with a similar feature: not only does it remove pathogenic germs such as E. coli, pseudomonads, viruses and fungi from drinking water, but also its source: the biofilm. Even more so, for a considerable period of time, regeneration of this biofilm is prevented which means that the water stays clean. aquaBENOVA-CLEAN has a long-term-effect and can be used repeatedly for many year, as up to this day no development of resistance has been observed. aquaBENOVA-CLEAN is in accordance is all guidelines of the drinking water ordinance.

    Here is where aquaBENOVA-CLEAN provides clean water:
  • In large housing complexes, hotels, public buildings etc.
  • In real estate holdings abroad (with cistern), recreational vehicles, boats etc.
  • In agriculture, for example viniculture, stabling etc.
  • Treatment of ground, well and surface water into potable quality
  • Disinfection of waterspout fountains (risk of inhaling contaminated water vapor), water walls and other installations.

    aquaBENOVA-CLEAN stands out for these reasons:
  • Complete compatibility with the drinking water ordinance which means legal certainty for the operator;
  • Thoroughness with which it removes germs, fungi and other contaminations (such as legionella), as well as its “home”: the biofilm;
  • Long-term-effect: the pipeline system stays germfree after disinfection for a longer period of time;
  • Establishment of a clean pipeline system even in older houses;
  • Environmentally friendly application during normal business operation. No precautions (shower restrictions, evacuations etc.) or follow-up treatments are necessary.
  • By comparison, a very cost-efficient solution for the operator.